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CHPD surprised to find itself on list of unclaimed checks from county

Sentinel staff report–
The Citrus Heights Police Department is among the 10,000 customers, agencies, and businesses who appeared on a recently publicized list of those with an unclaimed check from Sacramento County.

The Sentinel conducted a search query for “Citrus Heights,” which generated a single result from the list: “Citrus Heights PD,” showing an unclaimed check for $73.05 that was originally issued on April 25, 2017, but never cashed.

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A phone call to Citrus Heights Police Chief Ron Lawrence last week indicated the department was not aware of its appearance on the list of unclaimed checks.

Lawrence said he would have a member of his department look into the issue to ensure any rightful funds owed would be properly received, adding with a chuckle about the $73 amount: “We definitely want to get our money from the county.”

So what was the $73 for and where will the money go once it is claimed?

Sgt. Chad Morris responded to The Sentinel on Tuesday with an update, stating that the department apparently never received the check and would follow the county’s process for having a new check issued.

“The $73.05 in question is related to restitution from a criminal case our department investigated in 2006,” the sergeant said. “This case was finally adjudicated and the judge ordered the defendant to pay restitution to the Citrus Heights Police Department.”

Morris said the money would be deposited into the city’s general fund.

Other police departments also appear on the list. Sacramento police show an unclaimed check for $844, Folsom Police Department has an unclaimed check for $196, and Galt Police Department has an unclaimed check for $50.

According to the county’s website, more than $2.4 million in unclaimed checks are included on the list. The checks are documented whenever payments are issued and mailed by Sacramento County but remain uncashed by the rightful payee after six months from the issue date.

To see if you have an unclaimed check from Sacramento County, you can browse a list available on the county’s Unclaimed County Warrants webpage. In order to claim a check, customers must provide proof of identity, including name, date of birth, and the amount of the claim.

See the list: click here.

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