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Sac County has $2.4M in unclaimed checks. Is your name on the list?

By Hazel Ford–
Sacramento County has released a list of customers that have uncashed checks issued in their name. The 155-page list of names totals over 10,000 unclaimed checks, with a value of $2.4 million, according to the county’s website.

The unclaimed payments are documented whenever checks are issued and mailed by Sacramento County but remain uncashed by the rightful payee after six months from the issue date. The list of uncashed checks and their rightful payees are available online at the county’s website in PDF format.

The average value of individual checks on the list ranges from $100 to $200, though some are as high as several thousand, and others as low as a few dollars. The issue date for some checks dates back as far as 2015.

According to a KCRA news report last week, unclaimed checks usually come from overpaid taxes, fees, and bills. Often the checks are never cashed due to the intended recipient having moved and never receiving the check.

The TV news station called several people on the list, asking if they were aware that the county of Sacramento owed them money.

“I didn’t know that I was owed this,” one woman said. “This is just really random and the money would be awesome. Really awesome. Who couldn’t use a thousand dollars? We all can use a thousand dollars.”

Another caller said, “Overcharging [someone] for something, and then letting years and years go by without and you don’t find your error — I mean, that’s a little concerning to me.”

Out of the 10,000-plus uncashed checks, several are made out to the City of Sacramento, adding up to a total of more than $39,483. Even the Citrus Heights Police Department appears on the list, with a $73.05 uncashed check from April, 2017.

There’s even a $15.29 made out to a customer listed as “Nickname Weedy.”

To see if you have an unclaimed check from Sacramento County, you can browse a list available on the county’s Unclaimed County Warrants webpage. In order to claim a check, customers must provide proof of identity, including name, date of birth, and the amount of the claim.

See the list: click here.

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