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Letters: Pet-a-Palooza, future of old Sylvan Middle School site

Sylvan Middle School, demolition
An excavator finishes demolition work on the first building to go at the old Sylvan Middle School in Citrus Heights on Feb. 7, 2017. // CH Sentinel

Updated May 12, 9:52 p.m.–
Latest letters and comments from Sentinel readers discuss Pet-a-Palooza and potential future uses for the old Sylvan Middle School property.

Hoping Pet-a-Palooza comes back next year
[RE: Q&A: Why wasn’t Pet-a-Palooza held in Citrus Heights this year?]  Our family really missed Pet-a-Palooza in Rusch Park this year! We go every year with our dog and it is such a fun community event! So many of our neighbors were dismayed to hear we weren’t having it in Rusch Park this year. It has been a wonderful event and we all hope it comes back in 2019.
-Roxanne Gray, Citrus Heights

Pet-a-Palooza needs a new corporate sponsor. Dignity Health?
[RE: Q&A: Why wasn’t Pet-a-Palooza held in Citrus Heights this year?]  Sounds like we need a new corporate sponsor for this event like Dignity Health.
-Tom Scheeler, Citrus Heights

From Facebook:

RE: How about a Performing Arts Center at the old Sylvan school site? (Letter; May 6)

Aimee P.I couldn’t agree more. Citrus Heights needs to provide opportunity for people to evolve to their highest purpose. Consumerism and diabetes are rampant. We don’t need more shops and crappy food. We also have enough check cashing, pawn shops, discount and liquor stores, too many in fact. We need something to attract people to the city not repel them.

Dustin I. — How about parking for the sports that already take place in that field so the disrespectful littering parents don’t congest neighborhood street’s and disturb homeowners with the constant door slams and honking horns and alarms.

Denise T. — How about some housing for the homeless. Give me a break, some people [have] their head in the sand.

Nicole W. — I am for the sports complex, played on those fields with Sunrise Girls Softball and went to Sylvan for Jr. High. But I am loving the performing arts center, but only if you revamp Rush Park sports area. A rec center would be great, all year round. Then I would vote yes for the performing arts center. 

Andy H. — I’d like to know what the cities plans are when we get property tax revenues infused into our budget? I’d like to see things like a performance center, our fire department, libraries, and school district. I know it’s far fetched but aren’t these things we should aspire to?

RE: Why wasn’t Pet-a-Palooza held in Citrus Heights this year? (Q&A; May 6)

Olivia D. — I didn’t go this year because it was at William Land Park…  I hope they do bring it back to Rusch, then I will continue to go.

Jenny W. — I was bummed we didn’t have it this year in our town. I really enjoyed it.

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