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Letter: How about a Performing Arts Center at the old Sylvan school site?

Sylvan Corners, Citrus Heights
File photo, Sylvan Corners.

By Citrus Heights resident Lynn Avery–
Several citizen groups and community supporters have been discussing ideas for the old Sylvan Middle School property. There are also rumblings that private business entities are looking at the land for commercial ventures.

That acreage was used for a “SCHOOL” (to educate our children) and filled a true and important need and for posterity of our city. There are many areas for “sports complexes” in our city perimeters — already in place. We have enough burger joints, pizza parlors, and fast food restaurants to service two cities.

Currently in the Sylvan Corners area there are at least seven of these establishments within a 1/8th mile circumference, plus one restaurant. The fast food availability at the Walmart/Costco complex offers several more — plus, now the newest plan is to put three more fast food joints in front of Costco/Walmart. Has our city and planning commission gone crazy by approving this “carnival of food?”

Why don’t we entertain a new and positive idea for the enhancement of our city? How about the city buying the property? How about building a “Performance Arts Center?” All of our surrounding city neighbors have done it.

We have talked about elevating our city’s image. Let’s offer some higher level cultural opportunities. We shouldn’t have to lose our students and families to other areas where cultural arts are offered.

Enough of tax-based businesses! Let’s look to the future of our youth and local talent and encourage the arts — not everyone is interested in sports or fast food. Maybe some food for thought?

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