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Citrus Heights reader voices: lockdown, rent control, Sunrise Mall

Latest reader voices include responses to Sentinel stories on future plans for Sunrise Mall, rent control, the lockdown at Sylvan Middle School, and a guest opinion on replacing the median fence along Greenback Lane near Birdcage Street.

The following is a selection of comments posted by readers on The Sentinel’s Facebook page during the month of March:

Sylvan Middle School locked down after report of shots fired; March 14

  • Alia L.– I have a niece at that school (and) when her mom pulled up she wasn’t allowed to pick up her children because they were running screaming into the classrooms as 10 cop cars rolled up. These kids are scared and frightened for their lives. And we are on the edge of our hearts…
  • Maureen C.– This is what our kids live with now. I hate it.
  • Dmitriy S.– Whenever I hear stuff like this it makes me glad that I’m in homeschool. If I get a school shooting it would just be considered a home invasion.

Citrus Heights planning commission gives go-ahead for 3 proposals; March 18

  • Joshua A.– The mall really needs a second level in order to compete with the Roseville Galleria and Arden Fair. There is no way around that.
  • Alex S.– Sunrise Mall is LONG, LONG OVERDUE for an overhaul… This town is losing valuable tax revenue to Roseville Galleria and Arden Fair… It also hurts having Sunrise not being directly off 80 or 50 and then you have to drive 20+ blocks from the freeway to get there.

Guest Opinion: Rent control would be bad for Citrus Heights; March 17

  • Christina C.– Why should someone who works hard and puts their hard earned money into property be told how much they can charge for rent? It has nothing to do with mortgage or greed. If I own a house that is totally paid off, am I supposed to not get fair market value for rent? If you don’t want to pay someone else’s mortgage then buy your own house.
  • Sue A.– When I hear “rent control” is sometimes used as an excuse that prevents property owners from improvements on “that” unit or property due to lack of increase on rents is frustrating. I’ve paid rent and over the years received increase in rent and absolutely nothing improved by landlord. Due to so many increases, and my fixed income it forced me to now rent a room within a lovely home. Not exactly how I planned my retirement years. I’m for rent control. I’m tired of seeing a duplex almost double in rent from previous renter to a new one…
  • Michelle P.– Affordable rents and living wages are important to this equation. Where exactly are the new homeless coming from? Just the prisons? Just the drug scene? Oh, I know, they all volunteered to live in their cars. I don’t expect Sue Frost’s opinions to be any different as she is a realtor by profession making her money in the housing market but there is a greater balancing act at play here.
  • Charlotte P.– Google New York and rent control. Apartments being turned into condos and the condos sold. That’s what happens when you implement rent control. Rent is so high in California due to the insane number of regulations. The supply of housing is low for the same reason.
  • Bettie A.– Supply and demand has nothing to do with it. Is pure GREED.

Guest Opinion: Solid roots, New growth – How do we get there? March 10

  • Stacey R.— I like the fence. It’s not rusty… it’s weathered rod iron. It’s how it’s supposed to look. It could be painted though. No reason to replace it… keeps jaywalkers away.
  • Michelle G.– The fence is an eye sore IMO. I’ve thought that since the day it went up years ago. I do like that it prevents jay walking and believe a fence needs to be there, but with something a little more pleasing to the eye. Just my opinion…for what it’s worth.
  • Jackie H.– I thought it was supposed to have a rusty patina, and didn’t the city put up that fence only a few years ago? There are worse eyesores in Citrus Heights like the dilapidated, vacant and seedy office buildings all along Greenback. The old Swansons and that whole section of mini malls and the mini mall at Greenback and San Juan is a disgrace. I think there are other ways to beautify Citrus Heights where the money would be better spent.
  • Katie M.– There are BY FAR more IMPORTANT things to spend city resources and funding on then replacing a silly median fence.

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