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Citrus Heights News Briefs: fallen tree, fundraiser, murder charge

A large tree uprooted and fell on a home on the 7900 block of Twin Oaks Avenue last week. // Image credit: reader submission.

Latest local news briefs include a murder charge being added for the suspect who knocked down an elderly woman during a Rite Aid robbery in November, Stones Casino announcing it raised $75,000 for WEAVE during a one-day fundraiser, a large tree falling onto a home on Twin Oaks Avenue, as well as a local story about “dental stem cells” and a hiring event at Goodwill.

Stones Casino hits $75k fundraiser goal for WEAVE
Stones Casino announced it raised $75,000 for WEAVE, after just 15 hours into a 24-hour “give-back” fundraiser it organized on Wednesday for the non-profit. Stones had partnered with WEAVE, Women Escaping A Violent Environment, to host the 24-hour fundraiser inside the casino, offering to donate $100 for every person who walked in the doors, beginning at 6 a.m. Wednesday and scheduled to continue to 6 a.m. the following day.

The fundraiser ended early when the maximum goal of $75,000 was met around 9:45 p.m. Sammy’s restaurant, located inside the casino, also announced it would donate another $5,000, bringing the total donation to $80,000. Members of the Citrus Heights Police Department, along with Police Chief Ron Lawrence and members of the city council were all in attendance during portions of the event. Ryan Stone, of Stones Casino, said in a news release following the event that the charitable day of giving was a way to celebrate and honor the effort of people who “work tirelessly to help women and families in need.” The news release also said the give-back effort was a way to highlight social responsibility in the gaming industry. (See Fox 40 video)

Murder charge added for suspect who knocked down elderly woman in Rite Aid robbery
In an anticipated move, prosecutors on Thursday announced the addition of a murder charge for the man accused of pushing over an elderly woman during a robbery at Rite Aid in Citrus Heights last November, The Sacramento Bee reported on March 1. The woman, 87-year-old Marilyn Stribley, died several days later in the hospital after allegedly being pushed over by 21-year-old Kimani Randolph.

Randolph’s charges have risen in severity several times since being arrested on Dec. 7. In January, court records showed a charge of battery “causing serious bodily injury” was added to his charges, with bail then set at $1 million. With the addition of a murder charge, he is now ineligible for bail, according to online inmate records. Two other suspects in the robbery are still sought by police, but Randolph is believed to be the primary suspect who physically knocked over the elderly woman. He is scheduled to return to court on March 26. (See SacBee story)

Fox40: Citrus Heights man with diabetes hopes dental stem cells will be the cure
A Citrus Heights family was interviewed by Fox40 on Friday, expressing hope that advances in dental stem cell therapy will one day enable their 19-year-old son, Austin Schudy, to be cured of Type 1 diabetes. According to the news report, technology isn’t currently able to convert dental pulp cells into healthy tissue that could repair Schudy’s pancreas and heal his diabetes, but a dentist interviewed by the station said the feat may be possible within five years.

Fox40 reported that while many medical professionals say dental stem cells will never be able to treat diseases, many families are choosing to pay several hundred dollars per year to preserve pulled teeth in a lab. The process requires pulled teeth to be shipped to a lab within 24 hours, in order to preserve the needed cells. The Schudy’s said the small effort and expense is worth the potential benefit, if technology improves down the road. (See Fox40 story)

More Briefly:

Fallen tree. A large tree uprooted and fell on a home on the 7900 block of Twin Oaks Avenue following Thursday’s rain. (see photo)

Hiring. The Goodwill at Sylvan Corners in Citrus Heights will hold hiring event on Monday, Mar. 5th. (See event details)

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