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Citrus Heights community voices: motorcycle noise, roads, signs

Latest feedback from Sentinel readers includes a letter regarding increasing motorcycle noise on Sylvan Road, as well as discussion about the condition of road and sidewalks in Citrus Heights, the city’s sign ordinance, and the future of the run-down home at corner of Old Auburn Road and Mariposa Avenue.

Motorcycle noise on Sylvan Road is intolerable
I live on the north side of Sylvan Creek Ct. on the flood zone of Arcade Creek. For several years Sylvan Road has been a raceway for motorcycles. The noise is extremely disturbing and has increased measurably in the past year. On the other side of the creek is Sylvan Valley Way, which connects Sylvan Road and Mariposa Avenue. This too, has become a raceway for those screaming bikes. Our city, as with others, MUST enact a decibel limit. Then enforce it.
-Lynn Avery, Citrus Heights

From Facebook:

RE: Letter, Citrus Heights street is full of potholes, dangerous for handicapped
Gloria T. — As someone who has recently started taking to the outdoors to exercise, I began taking a loop that included Highland and I had to time all of my running parts to be in the areas without sidewalks, which was challenging as there are many long stretches without any sidewalks. There was also some sort of utility work going on so I had to run literally in the middle of the street before turning into Sunrise where I was also running in the street, due to a lack of sidewalks. As much as I liked the loop (all right turns, well lit, good neighborhoods), I began to be uncomfortable with the fear of getting hit, as people tend to speed on the cut-through streets… I can’t understand how nothing has been done about the sidewalk issues before; I know there are more places in town with the issue.

Reda D. — We have grass growing in our street. Our street is very small and they’ve been saying they are going to replace for the last 5 years. There are so many repaired potholes, it’s like driving on a dirt road. Oh, but let’s have rusty bed frame dividers on Greenback to make it pretty. Pffttt.

RE: Owners say portable sign ban in Citrus Heights hurts small businesses
Bryan L. — If that is the case, then all signs on the side of roads should be removed. They are all items that people read as they drive, so if one sign is an issue, all signs are an issue. #allsignsmatter

Mark B. — Honestly, I think these laws are less about safety and more about control. If the signs block access that is one thing, but most don’t.

RE: City considering purchase of run-down property at Mariposa/Old Auburn
Linda M. — That house is beyond restoring. By the time you replaced everything that needed to be, there wouldn’t be anything original left. Tear it down and build a local animal shelter. We need one. The SPCA is too far away.

Mark C. — If they buy at the asking price, why not make it a dog park. 2.7 acres plenty of room for parking and it would be an easy upkeep… I’m sure it would be easy for the city to make it so it wouldn’t be a bother to the neighbors. Plant trees, put up a fence and water and sewer are there already.

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