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Community Voices: Traffic, body cams, movie grill, Rite Aid arrest, DUI checkpoints

Latest letters and comments from readers discuss the new Studio Movie Grill planned for the old Kmart building, body cameras, DUI checkpoints, traffic and noise concerns, as well as the Rite Aid robbery and last month’s officer-involved shooting near the Ranch Motel.

Body cameras help increase trust and transparency with police
[RE: Supervisor Frost: 3 reasons why I support body cameras]  I recently read Supervisor Frost’s opinion column on body cameras and I completely agree with the reasons that she has listed. I am glad that law enforcement in our area is moving into that direction. I highly respect our law enforcement officials, but I believe that power is dangerous when left unchecked. The more transparency we have, the more will we be able to trust those who wear the badge.

I am wondering where we are with the Citrus Heights Police Department. Does our CHPD have a position on body cameras? Will our city also be moving in that direction? If not, I am curious to know if the leadership in our city and police department have stated as to why that is.
-Oleg Shishko, Citrus Heights

New stadium at Sunrise Mall will be great; but noise and traffic are concerns
Sunrise Mall to get new 2,500-seat stadium for outdoor concerts, events]  This would be a boon for Citrus Heights. I’ve read concerns about local crime resulting from this, but crime is something that is part of living in a community. My concern would be the noise generated and how that would affect local residents. Traffic concerns would be something to consider as well. These concerns will impact the duties of the Citrus Heights Police Department and ultimately the cost for this will be the responsibility of Citrus Heights taxpayers.
-Peg Wright, Citrus Heights

From Facebook:

[RE: Plans submitted for new Studio Movie Grill in Citrus Heights]
Tara W. — This is awesome! We’re so ready for our neighborhood to get some much needed love!

Larry T. — Awesome, we have a Moviepass card and go to the one in Roseville three times a week. Love it.

[RE: Police announce DUI Checkpoint in Citrus Heights this weekend]
Christina P. — They need to stop posting them on Birdcage and Greenback. EVERYONE knows that they post a checkpoint at this spot ALL the time. I heard they finally hit Antelope and Auburn Road… that was a smart move since most wouldn’t expect that. And EVERYONE that knows bout Citrus Heights, all should already know ANY Friday and Saturday nights, they can be doing them. They don’t necessarily give a heads up, but it should just be expected, especially on those days. I’ve never been one to drink and drive — I think it’s ridiculous to put yourself and everyone on the road at risk — however, tons of my friends when I was younger partied and, even now, they still avoid those spots for that reason. Because it’s always in the same two general areas (Sunrise and Oak, Greenback and Birdcage).

Dustin I. — Sounds like a big waste of taxpayers money… 164,000 dollar’s spent and not one DUI arrest and they inconvenienced 844 other drivers, only to get 12 non-alcohol related minor infractions… No genius, but it’s easy to see this is a waste of my tax dollars.

[RE: Citrus Heights police announce arrest of suspect in fatal Rite Aid robbery]
Robin K. — I think it is sad all around. This young man trying to steal drugs. Runs into a woman and takes her life. I’m glad you caught him. I hope he’s sorry for his actions. I’ll pray for his and her loved ones.

Dillon T. — It’s always a black guy. 9 times outta ten. This is why we have to profile. Good ones, tell your brothers they are making you look terrible... And yet it’s “racist” to profile. I’d rather be racist than dead. Let’s not be intimidated into accepting things at our own expense.

James F. — One less thug off the streets. Let’s pray the trial is not in San Francisco or he’ll be set back free.

[RE: More details emerge in officer-involved shooting near Citrus Heights motel]
Bonnie P. — Coming from an LEO family I knew that there had to be a reason the officer had to shoot him. An officer is trained to not shoot a running felon unless he/she is fearing for their life. Good job officer!

Aj M. — Yeah what ever. The officer knows he messed up and now says, ‘oh, he had the gun and I was scared.’

Rochelle C. — Good job CHPD! Don’t worry about the haters. We know you protect and serve the people even if they don’t appreciate it. And to all the haters out there: don’t call 911 if you ever have an emergency. But if ya do, they will still show up to help even though the rest of us wish they wouldn’t and let ya suffer.

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