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Did you know Citrus Heights is home to over 180 nonprofits?

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Sentinel staff report–
It’s a little-known secret, but Citrus Heights is home to quite a few nonprofits, including two new organizations focused on helping the homeless, various nonprofits helping children and youth, a large number of religious charities, and several with a focus on providing international aid to crisis areas.

Of the 180-plus nonprofits with addresses listed in Citrus Heights, some are small and likely operated from home, while others are large with multi-million dollar budgets. Some have been around for decades, while others have just begun getting their feet wet.

The organizations listed below are all registered nonprofits with the Internal Revenue Service and either have a Citrus Heights address listed or are known to primarily operate in Citrus Heights. The list was compiled using publicly available data through, which collects information about nonprofits registered with the IRS. A ruling year is also included for when the IRS issued official nonprofit status to the organization.

The two-dozen nonprofits listed below are given as a sampling of the diverse range of local organizations. A link to a complete list of all Citrus Heights nonprofits is included below the article.

*Note: An initial version of this story stated that all nonprofits listed had 501(c)3 status with the IRS. While all organizations listed are registered nonprofits with the IRS, not all have 501(c)3 status. To check whether a nonprofit listed is eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable contributions, donors can use the IRS’s online search tool to enter the organization’s EIN for verification.

Paradise Oaks Youth Services | Care for severely emotionally disturbed youth
7806 Uplands Wy., Ste. A, Citrus Heights
Principal officer listed: Irving Joseph
IRS Ruling: 1995 | EIN: 68-0192189

The Wish List Project | Children’s/Youth Services
6060 Sunrise Vista Dr., Ste. 2000E, Citrus Heights
Principal officer listed: Sheila Hull-Summers
IRS Ruling: 2014 | EIN: 46-2697277

Badges Supporting Fallen Officers Families | Supports families of slain law enforcement officers
PO Box 2103, Citrus Heights
Principal officer listed: Bret Daniels
Ruling year: 2012 | EIN: 45-3752411

Association of Certified Fraud Specialists Inc | Professional society
6939 Sunrise Blvd. #203, Citrus Heights
Principal officer listed: Anthony Nini
Ruling year: 2008 | EIN: 90-0595060

Awakening in Him Ministry | Housing rehab/youth development
7619 Watson Wy., Citrus Heights
Richard Wilkins, Founder
Ruling year: 2011 | EIN: 20-4757885

Del Oro Caregiver Resource Center | Support for Alzheimer’s-related caregivers
8421 Auburn Blvd. #265, Citrus Heights
Principal officer listed: Michelle Nevins
IRS Ruling: 1987 | EIN: 68-0123611

Baobab Strong | Supports community/education efforts in poor countries
PO Box 764, Citrus Heights
Catherine Gumbo, board chair
Ruling year: 2015 | EIN: 47-1732828

Empty Closets Community Services | LGBT Resource/Online forum
7250 Auburn Blvd. #225, Citrus Heights
Principal officer listed: Martin Lewis
IRS Ruling: 2014 | EIN: 45-3063321

California Association of Code Enforcement Officers | Professional association
6939 Sunrise Blvd., Citrus Heights
Principal officer listed: Melissa Dixon
IRS Ruling: 1996 | EIN: 33-0424122

Christ the King Passionist Retreat Center | Religious retreat center
6520 Van Maren Ln., Citrus Heights
Principal officer listed: Kurt Wernert, CP
IRS Ruling: 2010 | EIN: 94-1294938

Michael Thompson Memorial Foundation | Crisis financial support for families
7625 Sunrise Blvd., Ste. 104, Citrus Heights
John Martinelli, president
IRS Ruling: 2015 | EIN: 47-3887760

Discipling Operational Christians Outreach to Inmates | Prison ministry, religious support/development
P.O. Box 4554, Citrus Heights
DeAnn Plaskett, Exec. Director
IRS Ruling: 2009 | EIN: 51-0665476

Capital Thunder Youth Hockey Organization | Winter sports-related
8084 Old Auburn Rd., Ste. C, Citrus Heights
Principal officer listed: Dan Granada
IRS Ruling: 2006 | EIN: 83-0410229

Friends of Sunrise Swans | Supporters of synchronized swim team
7250 Auburn Blvd., Citrus Heights
Website: none listed. (related:
Suzette Rowe, vice president
IRS Ruling: 2014 | EIN: 20-4915782

His Well/The Father’s Heart Ministry | Poor/homeless assistance
7405 Greenback Ln. #171, Citrus Heights
Principal officer listed: Sherril Hogue
IRS Ruling: 2012 | EIN: 26-043407

Carriage Elementary PTA | Provides support to local elementary school
7519 Carriage Dr., Citrus Heights
Amber Funk, president
IRS Ruling: 1998 | EIN: 68-0175849

COPD-Support Inc | Support related to Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
7513 Fireweed Circle, Citrus Heights
Carolyn Krall, president
IRS Ruling: 2000 | EIN: 65-0974208

Concrete Masonry Association | Construction trade association for California and Nevada
6060 Sunrise Vista Dr., Citrus Heights
Kurtis Siggard, executive director
IRS Ruling: 1960 | EIN: 95-1789427

GFWC Womens Club of Citrus Heights | Local chapter of national women’s service organization
6060 Sunrise Vista Dr. #1120, Citrus Heights
Principal officer listed: Kristy Hernandez
IRS Ruling: 1998 | EIN: 94-2330266

Ukraine Relief | Provides aid to Ukraine
6345 Auburn Blvd., Citrus Heights
Serhiy Vronskyy, administrator
IRS Ruling: 2016 | EIN: 47-3005267

Lilliput Children’s Services | Foster and adoption services
8391 Auburn Blvd., Citrus Heights
Karen Alvord, CEO
IRS Ruling: 1979 | EIN: 94-2614102

Citrus Heights Homeless Assistance Resource Team | Helps house local homeless and veterans
PO Box 188445, Sacramento CA (Meets at Holy Family Church)
Mark Holt, Kathilynn Carpenter, leadership team
IRS Ruling: 2017 | EIN: 81-2056349

Laundry Love Citrus Heights | Ministry to homeless offering clothes washing
*Operates at Paradise Coin Wash: 7345 Greenback Ln., Citrus Heights
Principal officer listed: John Holbrook
IRS Ruling: 2017 | EIN: 30-0961289

Click here to see a list of all 180-plus nonprofits in Citrus Heights. *Note: Organizations that are primarily houses of worship will be published at a future date in a separate list.

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