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2017 Citrus Heights Police Logs: threats at CHPD, vehicle vs. Taco Bell, pickpocketing

Updated: July 24, 9:49 a.m.–
Latest Citrus Heights police logs include threats made at the police department counter, an arrest made after a neighbor allegedly poured paint stripper on a truck, a grab-and-run theft at Victoria’s Secret, and a pickpocketer making off with a $557 money order.

The following is a summary of select incidents listed in the Citrus Heights Police Department’s daily incident bulletins for July 13 through July 21.

July 21, 2017: Total of 54 incidents listed.
Incident report categories of note: 22 disturbance-related, 2 homeless-related, 8 burglaries, 2 petty thefts, 3 assault reports, and 4 collisions.

9:07 a.m., Verbal disturbance, Citrus Heights Smog and Car Wash on Auburn Blvd. A shirtless man in front of the car wash appeared to be under the influence of an unknown substance. He was reportedly throwing beer cans into the street, and seemed to be “looking for a fight.” He was agitated and began yelling that he was “going to beat people up.” Disposition listed: arrest.

9:32 a.m., Verbal disturbance, Shell at Auburn/Greenback. A man entered a Shell gas station and dropped 50 cents on the counter, then attempted to leave with a beer. When told that he had not payed enough money, the man reportedly replied “Well, I guess I’m stealing it”, and walked out. He began to cuss at people, and was last seen heading towards McDonald’s. Disposition listed: “unable to locate.”

12:13 p.m., Verbal disturbance, McDonalds at the crossing of Antelope on Lichen Drive. A man approached a woman’s car and randomly started yelling at her, reportedly saying that he “could go off on her, but today he’s being a nice guy.” The woman thought he was under the influence. Disposition listed: “unable to locate.”

8:10 p.m., Grand theft, Walgreens at Greenback/Sunrise. About $1,000 of cosmetics was reported stolen from Walgreens. The incident was caught on video and had occurred the prior day. Disposition listed: report taken.

July 20, 2017: Total of 56 incidents listed.
Incident report categories of note: 15 disturbance-related, 7 homeless-related, 4 burglaries, 2 petty thefts, 2 assault reports, and 3 collisions.

1:57 a.m., Verbal disturbance, Cripple Creek Condominiums on Lauppe Lane. A commotion was caused at the Cripple Creek Condos when a man was heard yelling threats from inside a room. He was reportedly accompanied by two or three other people. The caller asked the police to send an officer, but was uncooperative and evasive with information, saying that if the police arrived they would be able to hear the threats themselves. Disposition listed: advised.

4:51 p.m., Vandalism, Antelope Creek Apartments on Antelope Road. A car had been vandalized overnight, with all four tires slashed. The car had also been egged, and was reportedly covered in bologna. Disposition listed: “unable to locate.”

6:14 p.m., Vandalism, Crosswood Park Apartments on San Tomas Drive. A neighbor witnessed a man trying to get into a door at the Crosswood Park Apartments with an unknown object, damaging the lock. When the neighbor confronted the man, he claimed to be with the apartment complex. The complex, however, confirmed that they didn’t have any workers of that description. The caller thought the suspect could be an ex-boyfriend with a no-contact restraining order for prior stalking. Disposition listed: cancelled.

11:34 p.m., Driving under the influence, Loree’s Little Shack on Greenback. A bartender reported that a woman in her 50s had just left the bar with her mother, heading towards Van Maren. She had consumed over $100 worth of liquor before driving away. Disposition listed: advised.

July 19, 2017: Total of 37 incidents listed.
Incident report categories of note: 8 disturbance-related, 2 homeless-related, 2 burglaries, 5 petty thefts, 3 assault reports, and 2 collisions.

12:57 a.m., Burglary, Public Storage on Tupelo Drive. A burglary occurred at the Public Storage units on Tupelo Drive, though the stolen items were unspecified. Police were told that there was a man on the property, who was reportedly “sweating a lot.” Disposition listed: advised.

10:00 a.m., Petty theft, Walmart on Auburn Boulevard. A pickpocketing theft occurred at Walmart involving a $557 money order that was reportedly stolen from someone’s back pocket. Disposition listed: advised.

2:41 p.m., Verbal disturbance, CHPD on Fountain Square Drive. A disturbance was caused at the Citrus Heights Police Department when someone in the lobby began making threats. Disposition listed: assisted.

4:35 p.m., Vandalism, Cornerstone Way. A neighbor reportedly poured paint stripper on someone’s truck the past Sunday. Disposition listed: arrest.

5:21 p.m., Assault, Victoria’s Secret in the Sunrise Mall. A “grab and run” incident occurred at the Sunrise Mall Victoria’s Secret store. The thief pushed the store manager aside and fled. They were last seen driving north in a black sedan. Disposition listed: report taken.

7:48 p.m., Assault, Longford Drive. An assault left a victim with a severely injured foot. Bones were reportedly broken and protruding. The suspects fled on foot, heading towards Bremen and Longford Drive. Disposition listed: report taken.

11:19 p.m., Collision, Taco Bell at Antelope/Sunrise. A car was driven into the side of the Taco Bell on Sunrise and Antelope. A woman was able to get out of the car and she said that she was uninjured. Disposition listed: advised.

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Note: The Sentinel compiles summaries of select local police incident bulletins each week as a service to the public, based on data available from CHPD. Police advise that the information included in daily bulletins are summaries of calls for service for each day, with information “deemed confidential” not included in the record. CHPD states that the information noted on its daily bulletins is what was reported to police by callers, or in person, and therefore “may or may not actually reflect the true content of an incident.”

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