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Community voices: readers react to plan for new barrier fence at Auburn/Greenback

Barrier fence, pedestrians, Citrus heights
A barrier fence along Greenback Lane near Mariposa Avenue directs pedestrians to cross using the crosswalk. Another fence is planned near the intersection of Greenback and Auburn. // CH Sentinel

Plans to install new barrier fencing to reduce pedestrian-involved collisions near Auburn Boulevard and Greenback Lane drew mixed responses from readers over the past week. Here’s what readers have been saying in letters to the editor and on Facebook:

Barrier fences look bad and lessen visibility for drivers
[RE: City pursues barrier fence to reduce pedestrian collisions near Greenback/Auburn, June 24] Please, just don’t install new barrier fencing. The barriers installed near Mariposa Avenue and Greenback Lane create a hazard for drivers who simply cannot see oncoming traffic when using the turn lanes that don’t have stop lights. Plus, they are an eyesore. Don’t penalize law-abiding drivers who are endangered by these horrible-looking fences which obscure their vision.
-Cynthia Willmett, Citrus Heights

From Facebook:

Jeanna G. — Call me a jerk if you will, but if people are willing to risk their lives by running across the street when they shouldn’t, and get hit as a result of not adhering to the laws, then shame on them. With 9 people being hit in total of 10 years, it just seems like a knee-jerk reaction. A lot of people around town just jump out in front of traffic. People should also be accountable for the participation in their own safety… we are making concessions for people who are constantly breaking the law and jeopardizing everyone’s safety.

Rick G. — Put up that wall! The people are too stupid or lazy to use the crosswalk.

Dawn Y. — I’m a jogger, and would like to bike more around town, but Citrus Heights and other suburban streets are inconvenient and even dangerous for pedestrians! Some crosswalks take forever to give walkers their turn, and then you get a little over 20 seconds to cross wide intersections! Rude drivers barely allow you time and space to walk before they roll right around you! Don’t put up barricades; make legal crossing easier and safer!

Tommi B. — If they are stupid enough to go out onto that busy street and get hit, then well what can I say, goodbye! Sorry, but it’s so stupid to spend that money on stupid people that I have seen jump over the ones down on Greenback toward Birdcage. Yep, they jump right over it. I’ve seen one guy fall into the road and nearly get run over. And just a few feet up was the cross walk with light. Amazing.

Don H. — I see comments about how pedestrians should be held accountable and maintain their own responsibility. How this is a fool’s job to put barriers up. Yet no one will step up to say “Hey, that’s a good idea, because I sure would hate to have to deal with the emotional toll of hitting someone so hard due to their incompetence that my life will be changed forever.” Forget insurance premiums and the aggravation of having your car in the shop. Killing someone because they were stupid and stepped out in front of you will still affect you years to come.

Debbie C. — People jay walk all over the city, so why not put up fences everywhere? I do not see the logic in wasting time and money on erecting fences. Depending on the height of the fencing, it could make it harder for drivers to get a wider view of the roads, sidewalks, pedestrians, motorists running the red light. It looks to me like the fence would go right up to the end of the end of the median. I don’t know; don’t think fencing is the answer though.

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