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2017 Citrus Heights Police Logs: gun theft, gas siphoning, jewelry heist

Latest Citrus Heights police logs in April include reports of a vehicular assault on Sunrise Boulevard, two grand thefts involving a stolen rifle and $10,000 of jewelry, more transient trouble outside local businesses, and reports of gas being siphoned from a truck near Tupelo Drive.

The following is a summary of select incidents listed in the Citrus Heights Police Department’s daily incident bulletins, from April 14 to April 20, 2017:

April 19, 2017: Total of 44 incidents listed.
Incident report categories of note: 22 disturbance-related, 6 homeless-related, 2 burglaries, 3 collisions, 3 assaults, 4 vehicle thefts, 4 petty thefts.

3:03 p.m., Burglary, Greenback Lane. An unknown suspect reportedly broke into a structure on Greenback Lane and went through items, but nothing appeared to have been taken. Disposition listed: advised.

4:21 p.m., Grand Theft, Easthaven Way. A 22-caliber rifle was reported stolen from a location on Easthaven Way, near Van Maren Lane. Information was provided on a possible suspect. Disposition listed: report taken.

6:30 p.m., Verbal disturbance, Red Robin on Greenback Lane. A transient woman was reportedly “yelling about chemical warfare” and shouting at customers from outside the restaurant. A description provided said she “has no shoes on and apparently has no toes.”

April 18, 2017: Total of 64 incidents listed.
Incident report categories of note: 12 disturbance-related, 7 homeless-related, 5 burglaries, 9 petty thefts, 4 collisions, 2 assaults, 6 stolen vehicle recoveries, 4 stolen vehicles reported.

6:59 a.m., Stolen Vehicle Recovery, Summer Hills Apartments on Sperry Drive. A man reported locating his stolen motorcycle, but after getting on the bike he said “possible suspects came out with guns.” According to the incident log, he was able to leave the area with his motorcycle. Disposition listed: report taken.

10:34 a.m., Grand Theft, Twin Brook Court. Police were notified that jewelry valued over $10,000 had been taken sometime over the past three weeks from a location on Twin Brook Court, near Van Maren Lane. Information was provided about a possible suspect. Disposition listed: report taken.

1:39 p.m., Petty Theft, Pikes Peak Way. A man reported that gas had been siphoned out of his truck on Pikes Peak Way, near Tupelo Drive. No suspect information was known. Disposition listed: “on line report.”

3:20 p.m., Verbal Disturbance, K’s Quik Mart at Auburn/Kanai. A man inside a dumpster was reportedly yelling at a minor for an unknown reason and then threw an object at the minor. Medical assistance was declined. Disposition listed: Gone on arrival.

5:10 p.m., Assault, Mauana/Feliciter. A passenger reportedly got out of a silver SUV that was driving near Sayonara Drive and then tried to jump back into the vehicle through an open window. The vehicle then drove off with the man “half hanging out of the window.” The caller said a fist-fight may have occurred in the vehicle, and a child was also possibly inside. Disposition listed: “unable to locate.”

April 17, 2017: Total of 56 incidents listed.
Incident categories of note: 15 disturbance related, 2 homeless related, 1 burglary, 4 petty thefts, 5 assault reports, 2 stolen vehicles, and 14 collisions and cases of reckless driving.

4:17 p.m., Assault with a weapon, Sunrise Boulevard. Police were advised that a man in a blue Toyota Camry was “trying to hit a female with his vehicle” on Sunrise Boulevard. He reportedly hit and assaulted the woman. Disposition listed: “unable to locate.”

8 p.m., Disturbance, Vintage Oaks Senior Apartments on Stock Ranch Road. A female resident at the senior apartments told police her neighbor was being loud and was bothering her “and her cat.” The neighbor reportedly stomped around with the purpose of annoying her. Disposition listed: cancelled.

Full incident logs: April 14 | April 15 | April 16 | April 17 | April 18 | April 19 | April 20

Note: The Sentinel compiles summaries of select local police incident bulletins each week as a service to the public, based on data available from CHPD. Police advise that the information included in daily bulletins are summaries of calls for service for each day, with information “deemed confidential” not included in the record. CHPD states that the information noted on its daily bulletins is what was reported to police by callers, or in person, and therefore “may or may not actually reflect the true content of an incident.”

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