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More letters: ideas abound for future use of old Sylvan school property

Sylvan Middle School, demolition
An excavator finishes demolition work on the first building to go at the old Sylvan Middle School in Citrus Heights on Feb. 7, 2017. // CH Sentinel

Latest letters to the editor address aging commercial areas in Citrus Heights and suggest new uses for the old Sylvan Middle School property currently being demolished. Submit your own letter to the editor about a current local issue by clicking here.

Citrus Heights commercial areas need revitalization to attract shoppers
(RE: Feb. 18 letters: autism center, ARCO opposition, new WinCo at old Sylvan?) 
I think the old school site at Sylvan Corners would be a wonderful site for a park/sports complex; you could walk across the street to get some ice cream or a sandwich. I live near Sunrise Mall and there are a few old parks in the area that are good for walking, but there’s even a new park in a bad area that is unsuitable for my taste. I travel to the many parks in Folsom or Roseville with my four grand children and take my dollars with me. An autism site would work in the ugly lot in front of Walmart. The old Kmart would be a perfect location for a WinCo, or anything but a hotel — that in itself is wrong on so many levels!

There are places like the old roller rink in sunrise mall area, all the way to Sunrise Vista Avenue and even to Fair Oaks Boulevard, that needs to be totally reworked, revamped and revitalized to become a destination location. There’s a huge eyesore parking lot next to Fireside Lanes, or even the gross Grand Oaks shopping place, that could use a breath of fresh air. For that matter, any of the nasty places down Auburn Boulevard that I avoid like the plague.
-Cindy Martin, Citrus Heights

Citrus Heights need a sports complex, not a gas station
(RE: Demolition of old Sylvan Middle School underway; what’s next?)  I think a sports complex would greatly benefit the youth of Citrus Heights. Not only will it allow teams a place to play, but the city as well can generate a profit by hosting sporting events there like softball or basketball tournaments. Mesa Verde is the only high school in the area without a playable football field, not to mention their baseball fields could use some help. I think the kids of Citrus Heights deserve a nice sporting facility. I disagree 100 percent with an ARCO being right next to the junior high. Time to invest in our kids!
-Charlotte Romeo, Citrus Heights

No to big box store or ARCO at Sylvan Corners
(RE: Feb. 18 letters: autism center, ARCO opposition, new WinCo at old Sylvan?)  I pray they don’t put anything like a 24-hour ARCO in this place. Those places tend to attract a rough crowd and it’s right next to a school. I would love to see a community-based area, maybe a square with a park for kids to play, a local restaurant or two, coffee shop, fountain, something of that sort to surround it. I’d love to see it stay local and not put a big box store in the area. Maybe a cool pizza place the kids can go visit after school.
-Ashley Jensen, Citrus Heights

Note: several letters mention a 24-hour ARCO gas station in the context of development at Sylvan Corners. Currently, an ARCO has been proposed at the corner of Sunrise Boulevard and Sungarden Drive, not at Sylvan Corners.

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