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DROUGHT: City Residents Reduce Water Use by 16%

Cracked_and_dried_mud_at_the_beachLate rains in Citrus Heights have brought little drought relief, with calls for reducing water consumption to continue as the summer heat approaches.

“The current Stage 3 Water Warning and call for 20 percent reduction will likely remain in effect for the remainder of 2014,” said David Kane, assistant general manager for the Citrus Heights Water District.

So far, Kane said local water users have responded to the call for reduction, showing a 16 percent decrease in water consumption between January 1 and April 30 – when compared to the most recent 5-year average.

Kane added that the District’s switch to metered water rates in 2008 was an effective tool in reducing waste, as customers began paying for water based on their actual use, rather than paying a flat rate for unlimited water.

Although acknowledging that raising water rates can be a motivator to reduce consumption, the assistant manager mentioned no plans to do so in the District — where the average user in Citrus Heights pays only about a dollar for 350 gallons of water delivered to their home.

Providing some early tips as summer approaches, the District recommends letting lawns grow a bit longer to keep soil moist, and only watering outdoors between dusk and dawn to avoid excessive evaporation during the day. Leaving mulched clippings on the lawn is also advised, as the mulch provides extra nutrients for the soil.

CHWD covers about two-thirds of Citrus Heights residents, and its water supply extends to portions of Fair Oaks, Orangevale, Carmichael, and Roseville.

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A full list of the Stage 3 water warnings can be viewed here.

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